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Janet Boccelli - Carrington Real Estate Services (US),LLC
Wakefield, MA
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Massachusetts Men Seeking Women Personals

All    w4m    m4w    w4w    m4m    Add a Personals Listing

   • eat something you never tried before - (Chelsea, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Hi my name is Raymond - (Boston, MA) - m4w

   • Love life, live it to the fullest! - (Quincy, MA) - m4w

   • Man for women - (Boston, MA) - m4w

   • when you feel you are right you must stand firm - (East Boston, MA) - m4w - photo

   • all comes at the proper time to him who knows how to wait - (Cambridge, MA) - m4w - photo


   • i know your secret - (Tewksbury, MA) - m4w - photo

   • live like you are on the bottom, even if you are on the top - (Sudbury, MA) - m4w - photo

   • dating can be fun, and i can prove it! - (Weymouth, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Looking for a funny and nice lady - (Peabody, MA) - m4w - photo


   • express yourself and never hold back - (Wrentham, MA) - m4w - photo

   • only you can prevent forest fires - (South Dartmouth, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Life always good - (Reading, MA) - m4w

   • your perception and attitude in any situation will determine it's outcome - (Lynn, MA) - m4w - photo


   • enjoy the good luck a companion can bring you - (Southbridge, MA) - m4w - photo

   • would like to find a regular girl looking for roses - (Medford, MA) - m4w - photo


   • the time is right to make new friends - (Brockton, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Adventurer seeks adventures - (Boston, MA) - m4w

   • you can make your own happiness - (Franklin, MA) - m4w - photo

   • walk through life as if limits to your ability do not exist - (Mattapan, MA) - m4w - photo


   • looking for more than just a pretty face - (Florence, MA) - m4w - photo

   • is that your hand on by butt? - (Attleboro, MA) - m4w - photo

   • let me make your wishes come true - (Lynnfield, MA) - m4w - photo


   • all comes at the proper time to him who knows how to wait - (Dorchester, MA) - m4w - photo

   • i'm the guy ur mother warned you about, you know the really fun one - (Mattapan, MA) - m4w - photo

   • people are naturally attracted to each other - (Dedham, MA) - m4w - photo


   • no matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future - (Melrose, MA) - m4w - photo

   • looking for fun one night only - (Boston, MA) - m4w

   • fill your life with magical moments - (Bridgewater, MA) - m4w - photo

   • free 30 day trial here - (Florence, MA) - m4w - photo


   • can lift heavy things and open up jars ... - (Wilmington, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Slender Man looking to touch another heart - (Boston, MA) - m4w - photo

   • have penis, will travel - (Milton, MA) - m4w - photo

   • i know your secret and i probably won't tell on you - (Bellingham, MA) - m4w - photo

   • In this World - (Boston, MA) - m4w - photo


   • music video director/watcher seeks hot chick! - (Northborough, MA) - m4w - photo

   • easy going rugged outdoor type - (Pepperell, MA) - m4w - photo

   • your life will prosper only if you acknowledge your faults and work to reduce them - (Amesbury, MA) - m4w - photo


   • dating can be fun, and i can prove it! - (Watertown, MA) - m4w - photo

   • what breaks in a moment may take years to mend - (Lexington, MA) - m4w - photo

   • fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow - (Holden, MA) - m4w - photo


   • i know the difference between their and there - (Lawrence, MA) - m4w - photo

   • the world may be your oyster, but that doesn't mean you'll get it's pearl - (Gardner, MA) - m4w - photo


   • a smile brings happiness to everyone you meet - (Dennis, MA) - m4w - photo

   • life is about stepping out of your comfort zone, just make sure and look both ways - (East Bridgewater, MA) - m4w - photo

   • it's alright to have butterflies in your stomach, just try to get them to fly in formation - (Burlington, MA) - m4w - photo


   • even the person who appears most wrong may also be right - (Wareham, MA) - m4w - photo

   • you're beautiful, but what else do you have to offer? - (North Andover, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Im open - (East Brookfield, MA) - m4w

   • all the world may not love a lover but they will be watching him - (East Boston, MA) - m4w - photo

   • live like you are on the bottom, even if you are on the top - (Somerville, MA) - m4w - photo

   • i like to run through the house, in the dark, as fast as i can - (Wareham, MA) - m4w - photo

   • a very attractive person has a message for you - (Ipswich, MA) - m4w - photo

   • i hope i am the dream that you have and want to come true - (Waltham, MA) - m4w - photo

   • can lift heavy things and open up jars ... - (Brookline, MA) - m4w - photo

   • great cook wants to add some spice to your life - (Saugus, MA) - m4w - photo

   • some people chase dreams, i would rather sleep - (West Roxbury, MA) - m4w - photo

   • in music one thinks through the heart - (Northborough, MA) - m4w - photo

   • if everybody is a worm i want to be a glow worm - (Quincy, MA) - m4w - photo

   • hope is like food. you will starve without it - (Haverhill, MA) - m4w - photo

   • hidden charm - (Boston, MA) - m4w

   • when you look down, all you see is dirt, so keep looking up - (Abington, MA) - m4w - photo

   • objects in the mirror may be closer than you think... - (Hopkinton, MA) - m4w - photo

   • only you can prevent forest fires - (Milford, MA) - m4w - photo

   • fun loving, young at heart - (Babson Park, MA) - m4w - photo

   • fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow - (Southbridge, MA) - m4w - photo

   • active, sun, water and warmth - (Medway, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Traumafox - (Boston, MA) - m4w - photo

   • Wow - (Amherst, MA) - m4w

   • act now and receive a free 30 day trial - (Malden, MA) - m4w - photo

   • seeking high maintenance girls - (Holyoke, MA) - m4w - photo

   • a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - (Rockland, MA) - m4w - photo

   • everlasting relationship wanted - (Charlestown, MA) - m4w - photo

   • keep your eye out for someone special - (Arlington, MA) - m4w - photo

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