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Title:World Qigong Taichi Day 2019 Weekend Retreat
Date:4/26/2019 - 4/28/2019
Address:430 East Street, PO Box 2282, Lenox MA 01240
Location:Lenox, MA
Hours:7:00 AM
Cost/Cover:Lunch : $20/person
Web Page:http://www.eastover.com/workshop/qigong-taichi-day.html
Contact Info:Events@eastover.com or call us at Call: 1-866-2645139.
Details:There will also be a parent discussion on how to positively support adolescents through the process of college applications, where we will explore how to best understand their love, passion, and true compassion.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc, Dipl. OM

Keynote Speakers: Chefs Christina Pirello and Patrick Verre
In order of appearance on April 28th, evening will be film The Professor; Separate track after trailer show and key note by Paul Desan: parent discussion on positive parenting.

Parent Discussions: Q and A with Junfeng Li and Dr. Paul Desan about better understanding and connection with our teen kids. During parent discussion session healer Chen, Zhi Chih, Sifu Rengang Wang and others will present sessions to help parents and guide healing and meditation sessions. How to deal with teen rebelling with compassion and understanding.

Morning Practice: 7:00 – 8:00am (tea coffee available), thanks to Sifu RenGang Wang who is the lineage holder of Da ChenQuan, he will lead Zhang Zhun (standing post) meditation. One of the most effective Taiji and meditation practice.

Breakfast 8:00 – 9:00am

10:00am – 10:50am:

Junfeng Li key note by Sheng Zhen Association founder, Sheng Zhen meditation and healing of the heart.

Ken Nelson is dedicated to helping people heal, grow and awaken with mind-body practices and the wisdom traditions. He teaches beginner-friendly Qigong, yoga and meditation at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and at senior centers in the Berkshires. He offers winter retreats in Florida. Ken is also a regular Qigong teacher at Eastover.

Greg DiLisio has over 30 years of Qigong practice and has taught Qigong workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Qigong lectures at Canyon Ranch Destination Spa Lenox, and Qigong classes for years in Switzerland and Scotland. Greg is also a regular Qigong teacher at Eastover and provides Acupuncture and Massage there as well.

Jay Emmanuel is the author of “The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations, the Power of the Mind and the Voice’. As a singer having a powerful melodic range, Jay Emmanuel masterfully blends voice, colors, lights and sounds, and the use of Seven Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls and Himalayan Bowls calibrated to specific frequencies in the human body to achieve maximum sound healing.

David Haines is a gifted practitioner and teacher of the art of moving well. He has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 1974, and teaching since 1988. Studying with teachers such as Chungliang Al Huang and Roger Jahnke has allowed David to develop a warm, non-judgmental teaching style that helps people improve their health, increase longevity and realize inner peace. David is also a certified practitioner of the Trager® Approach to Movement and delights in helping individuals discover their unique paths to self-care through relaxed, effortless movement.

Mr. Zhantao Lin – Er Hu performance and Taichi team performance. Mr. Lin is the chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association of Boston. He was formerly an Erhu professor at the Guangxi Arts Institution and is currently a board member of the Chinese Professional Erhu Player’s guild in China. He has studied under many notable erhu teachers including famed erhu master Chen Yaoxing, Zhou Yaokun, Wu Suhua, and Peng Mingxiong.

Boston Taichi Quang Association Founded by Master Zhantao Lin performing Taichi 13 knife.

Dr. Deguang He is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and was a medical doctor in China. Dr. He graduated from Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the first person in China to receive a Master’s Degree in Medical Qigong & Acupuncture. He has eight years of training in both Eastern and Western Medicine and over 28 years of clinical experience in China, Soviet Union, Japan and the United States. He is Assistant Professor, Qigong instructor and clinical supervisor at the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, Massachusetts. He also practices in wellness center of Salem Hospital in Salem, Massachusetts.

Dr. He specializes in treating pain, cancer, depression and anxiety, overweight by using acupuncture, Qigong and/or herbs. He offers regular classes of Taichi and Qigong as well.

Bill Wrenn is a certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher. Bill has practiced yoga, meditation and other forms of energy work for over 30 years, and has received training in Qigong and Tai Chi from the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi.

Vera Childer Qigong Taichi and Self Massage. Vera teaches at New York government offices buildings and YMCA in Albany.

Chen Chih Cheng Gifted Qi healer and Medical Qigong healer, passionate of architecture and holistic urbanizm.

Morning program ends 12:30pm

1:30pm – 2:30pm:

Dr. Paul Desan of the Yale School of Medicine: key note presentation on positive psychology and education in China.

Trailer of “The Professor”:

Presentation by Barry Strugatz is a director and co-producer. Barry’s screenwriting credits include Married to the Mob, She-Devil, and From Other Worlds. He most recently wrote the comedy, Furlough, starring Melissa Leo, Tessa Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg and Anna Paquin. The Professor is his first documentary. He has studied with several students of Cheng Man-Ching.

Ken Van Sickle is a cinematographer and co-producer. Ken has shot many feature and documentary films, including Marjoe (Academy Award), Hester Street, Close Harmony (Academy Award), Between The Lines, etc. He was a senior student of Cheng-Man Ching and was the photographer of his New York school.

Master Yun Ping Hu Taichi Fan performance. Trained with Hongqin Yu and the Taiji Prince Sitan Chen, Ms Yunping Hu has learned multiple forms of Tai Chi Chuan, won more than 10 gold medels in Tai Chi Quan competetions in the Northeastern part of US, and coaches Tai Chi Chuan in several places.

Boston Taichi lovers perform Yang Style 16 form Taichi. The team consists of Tai Chi lovers of Boston with experiences ranging from a few months to twenty years. In addition to Ms Hu and Dr. He, Ms Zongzai Tian is 80 years old and a cancer survivor, Mr Rupurt Hon teaches Tai Chi in senior center and is the leader for a Tai Chi group, Guofeng is an expert in Tai Chi theory, Simon is a Tai Chi activist whose performance includes NBA games, Jason is the author of several articles in Tai Chi magazines.

Fukui Yang Performance of Ba Gua Zhang and group qigong healing. Master Yang’s family has a deep Chinese medicinal tradition, which can be traced back to the same roots as Chinese Martial Arts. He learned Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory from his family and took courses in schools. It deepened Master Yang’s understanding of Chinese Martial Arts, and at the same time it empowered him to cure sports injuries and illnesses using physical therapy, bone setting, Acupuncture, and Qi Gong methods. Master Yang currently teaches Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as well as Taiji Quan and Qi Gong at the Confucius Institute at SUNY College of Optometry.

Sifu Terrence Dunn performing:

1. Eight Sections of Energy Combined, the Preparatory Form – 1 min.

2. First 1/3 of the 60-posture Yang Tai Chi Form created by GM William C.C. Chen. 2 min.

3. Yang Tai Chi Sword Form (William Chen’s) – 2 min.

4. Wudang Elixir Sword Form (Wudang Dan Jian) – 3 min.

5. “Fei Feng San Gung” – Ehrmei Mountain Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Qigong:
“Moonbeam Splashes on Water” moving meditation. – 2 min.

*If there’s more time, I can also add:

6. Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies & Eight Methods Boxing) – first half of 510 movement form.
LHBF was created in Sung Dynasty at Huashan by the legendary saint Chen Xi-I (Chen Tuan).

Alexia Rees is a longtime practitioner and a teacher of Qigong (vital energy gathering) and Mulan Quan, a feminine Tai Chi style that has only recently been introduced in the West. Ms. Rees has trained with a direct disciple of this unique style’s founder, Ying Meifeng, from Shanghai.

Jianye Jiang is a taichi grand master and has been a tournament judge in the US and China, and is a board member of the USA National Tai Chi Chuan Federation. Master Jiang has acted in movies produced in China, Japan and Australia, and has produced over 300 instructional videos in Chinese martial arts and qigong.

Rengang Wang Sifu Wang is the lineage holder of Dachen Quan, a healer and teacher, master of meditation and Zhan Zhung (standing post meditation), Wushu and sword master. Today he will perform Tang Lang Sword.

Dr. Miles Nichols will reveal and demonstrate how he moves patients in his clinic through a similar process with discussion about the incredible results for reversing chronic disease. At the same time, he will sort through the conflicting information about different dietary plans including paleo, low FODMAP, ketogenic, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan diets. He will discuss what research has shown as well as his clinical experience with treating different chronic diseases. He will reveal his #1 dietary strategy for weight-loss that often gets people past plateaus without having to count calories.

5:00pm Film The Professor – Enjoy the film with Barry and Ken.

Dinner 6:30pm

7:00pm Intimate Meditation with Arlen Hodinh at Mansion Meditation Room: Arlen Christopher Hodinh was born and raised in the hill country around Austin, Texas. With partial Vietnamese heritage, he was exposed to traditional Asian culture at a young age and was heavily influenced by Bruce Lee and other martial artists. After attempting many sports and styles of martial arts throughout his life and he was greatly influenced by his study of Tiger-Crane and Yang Style Tai Chi with Master Yon Lee of the Lam Jo lineage while in Boston. During law school in Chicago he was also exposed to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Dino Costeas; and Bagua, Hsing-I, and Wild Goose Qi Gong with Master Hongchao Zhang. Arlen has also studied Shaolin Wu Shu under Shi Xing Ying, Shi Yan Ming, Li Jinheng, and Puquan Xiao. In 2007, Arlen met Master Li Junfeng and has been dedicated primarily to learning and teaching the Sheng Zhen Gong system. Arlen still enjoys practicing and learning many styles of martial/healing arts from around the world.

2017's World Taichi Qigong Day was very successful! Check out our testimonials:
Big congratulations for the success of your first, real WTCQD at Eastover. The program was well put together with an interesting and experienced assortment of presenters. I appreciated the way the presenters were flexible to adapt their talk or demonstration to add something fresh to the program. They went with the flow as, of course, they would. The taiji demonstrations right after lunch were well timed to add something light, colorful, musical and well performed. Most enjoyable. I’m sure word will spread so that even more people will attend next year.
Event is:Daily
Audience:All Welcome
Sponsored By:Eastover Estate and Eco-village
Submitted by:Xingying wang
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