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Title:Shamanic Dance Ceremony
Date:9/2/2022 - 10/7/2022
Address:The Vali Soul Sanctuary, 6717 Valmont Rd
Location:Boulder, CO
Hours:6:45 PM - 9:30 PM
Cost/Cover:$25 – $30
Contact Info:3039035646
Details:This is an active dance meditation for deeply connecting with your Being.

COME stretch and play at your edges and maybe just beyond.

Enter into the life of the Body

You are invited to join us for this beautiful social and transpersonal, Shamanic Dance Experience!

This is an active dance meditation for deeply connecting with your Being.

COME stretch and play at your edges and maybe just beyond.

Held at Valley Soul in Boulder, CO, we come together to dance and bring ourselves into Presence and opening to life.

Event is held the first Friday of every Month starting in February 2022!

Facilitated by Sam Silver, Platte River Valley Ceremonial Community and Danielle Petersen, Wild Soul Living


More about Event:

This is an opportunity to find the inspiration inside the movement.

Let drums, beats do what you will with you.

If you feel STUCKthen MOVE.

Find that natural movement. . ..give it up.

Let it go.

Once you FEEL the movementyou have become the dance.

Every trauma / breakup we loose parts of our soul. . ..and you can bring power back into your body.

"Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness. . . . We dance to shed skins, tear off masks, crack molds, and experience the breakdown - the shattering of borders between body, heart and mind . . ." - Gabrielle Roth

Our Why?

We have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, it is easy to believe that everyone else knows better.

Shamanic dance ceremonies are a powerful inner journey of discovery that enables you to find the answers to your own questions.

What is Shamanic Ceremonial Dance?

Shamanic Dance Ceremonies are held in a sacred space accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum.

Shamanic because shaman means "to see in the dark" and "to know"- and so this is an invitation for you to step out and un-know from your thinking mind and reclaim your inner knowing.

The origin of the dance was copying nature through movement as well as sounds.

How it works:

The ceremonial reflects the living community of our planet and teaches us how to dance in union with our diversities.

What you might find is the pulse of the big drum is the great unifier, harmonizer, connector.

Through the stages, you will begin to strip off layers of muscular armoring, surrendering to the dance of the body, letting go of baggage you carried for years, and connecting with your Souls calling.

This form and ceremony helps us focus, shape and direct our energy.

Facilitation of the Dance:

This is a drumming circle designed to be an opportunity to 'Court Yourself' in both masculine and feminine energies. These energies help to hold the 'inner' circle for individual expression. The 'inner circle' represents your soul expression and the ways of your inner nature / anima, soul. (psyche).

Some refer this type of dance as Shamanic Sleep Dreaming experienceas you dance your inner psyche. Eventually getting into a trance where you are neither fully awake nor sleeping. A dance between worlds.

We like to see this dance as a opportunity to COURT YOURSELF and your medicine of soul. However, this version was Inspired by Elizabeth Cogburn's Long Dance, which is best known for reclaiming sacred dance ritual for westerners in 1970's


After circle is called and intentions are set, we start with the drum, playing a simple one/one/one pulse - the heart beat of the universe - that anybody can learn; and with a circle of people dancing in their own natural spontaneous ways.

The body starts to move and release blockagesand the movement becomes the language of your soul.

Gradually the dance circle elaborates into a mandala of energies where the outer masculine ring is "sunwise" and the feminine ring turns "earthwise" with horizontal movements.

Everybody practices the moving meditations in both of these rings. One of the beautiful features of our mandala is that everybody gets to move around and be in different parts of it as they feel directed.

We will integrate other styles of drumming, work with rattles, simple flutes and other instruments in the improvised sound field.

Lastly, inside these rings lives 'the Inner Court ' for the great variety of individual expression. Best description I have heard we get into a state of 'dream theater' to what lives deep within. And key questions to consider and express via the body:

Where do I come from?

Why and what am I to do here?

Where should I focus my attention?

Is this the right direction for me?

The dance will be followed by a brief council for integration and to speak of the transformational experience.


*Please note there is no nudity, and no physical contact*

This is the Call to Adventure.

No experience necessary. All welcome.

How to Prepare:

Be thinking of what you would like to dance. Your inner anima? Soul's Calling? A cleanse of the mind? Come with basic intentionwhich might be simple curiousity to what lives inside.

Feel free to bring dress or powerful object to energize with the power of the dance and some sort of sound making instrument of your choice.

Sound making instrument could be a rattle, drum or shaker.

Come adventure with us!

About your Teachers:

Sam Silver, Platte River Valley Ceremonial Community founded along with and Lyra Yelana VellaUnn Thomas an earth based, shamanic ceremonial community in the Denver and Boulder area. They have been hosting healing and awakening ceremonies since 1989.

Danielle Petersen, owner of Wild Soul Living is a onatological and pelvic coach, yoga teacher, authentic relating facilitator, herbalist, and nature guide. Her area of focus is with wild women archetypal work, soulcraft and mapping, and pelvic floor health. Here passion is to help individuals one on one, workshops facilitation and retreats to awaken humans to their own aliveness utilization or trainings, certification and passion.
Event is:Every Fri
Audience:All Welcome
Submitted by:contributed
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